UK Migration Lawyers focus on support and representation for all by providing essential support and advice for those seeking to settle in the UK or those applying for UK visas, either for themselves or on behalf of family members. With facilities based in London and Birmingham, UK Migration Lawyers provide a wide range of Visa Categories including Refusals and Appeals, Sponsor Licenses, UK Naturalisation, Dependant Visas and more.

UK Migration Lawyers was founded by equality human rights and justice supporter Gazala Rashid and focuses on providing every individual with a fair and equal chance when it comes to applying for UK Visas. We take great pride in our stunning track record and extremely high success rate, operating on a 24 hour response rate for most applications while allowing clients direct access to our solicitors.

In the event of extreme cases such as Deportation, Removal and Bail we understand how crucial it is to provide swift and accurate assistance, so with a rapid response time within 24 hours and one to one services available from our qualified team of immigration solicitors, we are even able to visit you in detention or prison to ensure that your case is resolved as soon as possible.

With a long-term vision to engage more in work for charities, orphaned children and women who have fled violent homes in providing them vital support, UK Migration Lawyers go above and beyond to ensure the safety and security of all our clients. We also focus on providing the necessary support for our clients to comfortably re-establish themselves within a new community to ensure that every opportunity is maximised for the benefit of the client.

Whether you require immediate assistance regarding deportation or removal or your would like to settle in the UK, or if you are planning on having your family join you in the UK, please get in touch with us today. Give UK Migration Lawyers a call on 0121 777 7715 or on +44 20 3393 6970 if you are calling internationally. You can also fill out our Quick Response Form if you need a swift reply and we will respond as soon as possible.

With a superb track record of successful appeals, UK Migration lawyers takes pride in providing expert assistance for migrants seeking to settle in the UK or for those seeking assistance during a deportation or removal procedure. Our team of multi-lingual solicitors provide essential support for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Our team is dedicated to your successful UK Visa application and we make this commitment to all our clients:

  • Our initial free visa assessment means we select the right visa for you
  • Out team will guide you through the evidence and paperwork needed for your application
  • We will fully complete your application form and collate all necessary documentation
  • We will submit your application, documentation and evidence on time and on your behalf
  • We will liaise with the Home Office regularly to check that your application is progressing
  • We make our team available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

There is no better time to find out how we can help you so why not call us on 0121 777 7715 or use our UK Immigration Contact Form.


Has your application for a UK visa been refused? We have an excellent track record of successful appeals.

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