With extensive experience providing essential support and assistance for clients throughout the UK seeking to settle in the country, UK Migration Lawyers take great pride in providing a range of services that greatly benefit their clients. Whether you are applying for a UK Visa, you have recently been refused a UK visa, or if you are applying for a Visa for a family member, we can provide expert help and assistance.

We operate throughout the UK, so if you're located in Manchester or in the surrounding area, UK Migration Lawyers have the relevant skills and experience to provide you with the support you need. It is crucial that every client receives thorough representation in an appeal or application case to achieve the outcome you need to settle in the UK or to remain in the UK indefinitely.

Covering a board range of Visa Categories including Long Residence in the UK, Deportation, Removal and Bail, Judicial Review, Settlement in the UK, Dependant Visas and more, UK Migration Lawyers work tirelessly towards achieving the outcome that each individual client is seeking, with a quick response time and professional help backed up by years of experience from individual solicitors.

Our team of trained, multi-lingual solicitors have an excellent track record for UK visa applications, appeals, Marriage and Relationship Visas, Adult Dependant Visas and more to ensure that should you decide you need your family to join you within the UK, then we can help make that dream a reality. It is incredibly important to ensure that families stay together which is why our solicitors have such a high success rate.

Gazala Rashid founded UK Migration Lawyers after cultivating a long standing, multi-generational passion for human rights, justice and equality for all. By becoming a solicitor she put her beliefs in equality and representation into practice by ensuring that every client has a professional solicitor who can support and assist them when they need it most. She and her team of specialist multi-lingual solicitors act on these beliefs every day to improve the lives of those seeking to settle in the UK.

For more information about the range of Visa Services we provide to both clients living throughout Manchester and international clients, please contact us. We are reachable by phone on 0121 777 7715 or +44 20 3393 6970 if you are calling internationally. For professional advice and assistance, call UK Migration Lawyers today.


Has your application for a UK visa been refused? We have an excellent track record of successful appeals.

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