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Work permit holder lost right to indefinite leave to remain due to incorrect legal advice – discretionary leave secured after appeal!

The client was a national of Canada who approached UK Migration Lawyers after incorrect by previous representatives which resulted in her losing her job and ability to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain. We were successful on obtaining Discretionary Leave to Remain for her despite the home office objecting against the grant. All parties were delighted as such an excellent result which provided the client the chance to bring certainty and stability back into her life.

Removal directions cancelled following injunction preventing removal

UK Migration Lawyers was instructed by an Argentine national a day after she was arrested from her home and taken to a removal centre. She had entered into a religious partnership with her British national spouse in Argentina, but this was not a civil ceremony and so was considered as unmarried partners in the UK. We took urgent instructions and ascertained she had entered the UK 6 years before on a visit visa and had overstayed. No application had ever been submitted. We prepared and lodged detailed human rights arguments together with medical evidence concerning her British spouse which was compelling. The client was in the meantime served with removal directions and no decision was received from the home office regarding the human rights representations. An urgent injunction was secured with a judicial review application the day before removal was scheduled and the removal directions were cancelled. We then lodged a bail application and secured her release. The client is now living with her spouse and the matter is now being reconsidered by the home office.

Indefinite leave to remain secured under 14 years residence rule

This client is a national of Pakistan and was referred to UK Migration Lawyers after his application for indefinite leave to remain on the basis of the 14 year residence rule, now abolished, had been outstanding with the home office for 6 years! We lodged judicial review proceedings against the secretary of state’s failure to reach a decision after which the home office agreed to reconsider the client’s case to which we agreed. The client was granted with Indefinite Leave to Remain weeks later and is now looking to set up his business and has finally married the woman of his dreams!

Urgent injunction secured for failed asylum seeker

The client was a Sri Lankan national who was a failed asylum seeker. He had lodged a fresh claim for asylum which was outstanding and no decision had been received despite two years elapsing.

The client continued to report in accordance with his reporting restrictions and during one reporting event, was detained and taken to a detention centre. The client requested that UK Migration Lawyers take on his case which we did and in light of the fresh claim for asylum and human rights; we lodged an urgent judicial review application and a request for an injunction. This was granted on the day before the scheduled flight to Sri Lanka. The removal directions were cancelled.

The following day we represented the applicant in his bail proceedings, and we were successful in having the applicant released from the removal centre. He is now at liberty whilst his fresh claim is being considered by the home office.

Indefinite leave to enter obtained for 17yr old to join British father

The client was a 17 year old Jamaican national who was living in the UK with his mother, younger sister and extended family. An application for entry clearance to settle in the UK with his father, who had been living apart from the client for 15 years, was refused and UK Migration Lawyers lodged an appeal against this refusal. After careful and methodical preparation of an appeal against this refusal, we persuaded an immigration judge to allow his appeal on the grounds that there were serious and compelling circumstances that made it undesirable to exclude him from the UK. The client is now living in the UK with his father and has enrolled on a course for interior design!

Chinese overstayer in detention – released and leave granted

The client was in a detention centre and contacted UK Migration Lawyers with regards to a decision by the home office to remove her from the UK as she had overstayed her visit visa due to the fact that her former partner in china had subjected her to domestic violence and threatened her life. When the client instructed us, removal directions to remove her from the UK had been set to take place within the next three days. This was therefore an urgent matter and understandably the client was distressed at the prospect of being removed. The client had informed us that she was in a relationship with a British national. We therefore sought to make urgent representations based on her rights to a family life and the danger to her life of been removed which were sent on the same day of her instructions.

As a result, on the day before the flight to remove her was scheduled, the home office cancelled the removal decision. Over the Christmas holiday period, we duly made a bail application which was granted and therefore the client was released from detention which was of a great relief to her. Further representations regarding rights to a family life were made and in addition, a further leave to remain application was submitted to the home office as she was in a relationship with a British national. Upon considering the facts of the case, the home office duly granted the client further leave to remain in the UK which allows her to legally reside and work. This was in fact further granted under the immigration rules which meant that she can apply for indefinite leave to remain after five years. She is now married and they are over the moon!

Family of 6 granted indefinite leave to remain after previous legal advisor submitted wrong application!

The client was in the UK as a work permit holder, he was subsequently joined by his wife and four children from Pakistan. His previous representatives advised him to apply for Further Leave to Remain instead of Indefinite Leave to Remain. The application and appeal was refused. UK Migration Lawyers applied for indefinite leave to remain on the basis that he completed five years as a work permit holder. The applicants were successful despite the applicants being overstayers in the UK and the mother not providing a life in the UK test. To achieve such a result which will affect six individuals is very satisfying. Furthermore the result was more than they had expected given they initially applied for Further Leave to Remain.

Application to regularise leave to remain in the UK after living in the UK unlawfully for 40 years

The client had been residing in the UK since 1974 and was 11 years old when he entered the UK from Jamaica with his father. The client assumed that he had indefinite leave to remain in the UK however when the client applied for new employment in 2013, it transpired that his immigration status was unclear and there was no record of him ever having indefinite leave to remain.

The client was therefore shocked by this and as his father had sadly passed away, he was unable to obtain further clarification about how he had initially entered the UK. The applicant further was in a relationship with a British national with whom he had lived with since 1988 and the couple had three British children. We duly submitted a further leave to remain application which was successful after just 8 weeks and enabled the client to obtain employment again thereby giving him the peace of mind that he would not be separated from his family.

Elderly couple reunited on an appeal without going to court

We were instructed by an elderly sponsor who came to us very anxious and upset as her Gambian husband’s spouse visa had been refused. He had applied from Gambia. After consoling her and taking a through look at the refusal notice, it appeared that the refusal was unduly harsh and the entry clearance officer had made numerous factual errors when considering the case.

We decided to lodge an appeal and prepared detailed grounds of appeal against the refusal notice. In light of the detail and information produced with the appeal grounds themselves, the matter was reconsidered by the entry clearance officer and the decision was withdrawn and the visa was issued. This matter was solved without going to a full hearing much to the delight of the parties concerned, saving time, money and stress.

UK Migration Lawyers achieve success for Ugandan lawyer with business visit visa

A Ugandan lawyer based in Uganda specialising in intellectual property law decided to instruct lawyers to take on his successive failed attempts to secure a business visit visa. This client prepared and lodged 3 previous visas to the UK as a business visitor himself, so that he could attend conferences relating to his area of expertise. On each occasion he was refused. The eco did not believe that he was a bona fide lawyer and that he would return to Uganda on conclusion of his visit. The applicant consulted UK Migration Lawyers advice and we prepared the 4th application on his behalf. As part of the application we put forward very strong representations and also rebutted all of the eco previous reasons for refusal. The strong wording in our representation with the backing of our excellent eye for detail meant that the client was finally given a visa to enter the UK.


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