Eugene Daniel is one of the newest members of the UK Migration Lawyers Legal Team, and comes to us with an undergraduate degree in Politics from the University of Essex, a postgraduate Diploman in Legal Studies from the University of Birmingham and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the College of Law, Birmingham

Originally from Wantage, Oxfordshire, Eugene was raised in Canterbury, Kent, and Birmingham. Eugene is passionate about travel and has visited the USA, Hong Kong, Greece, Cyprus, France and the Netherlands, to name but a few of his passport stamps. In his remaining free time, Eugene enjoys walking, driving, socialising with friends, gastronomy, reading theology and writing short stories.

Language Spoken: English (native speaker); Modern Greek (conversationally fluent and excellent reading skills); Classical Greek (reading skills); Modern Arabic (currently student of)

We conducted research to find a trustworthy legal firm, and this led us to UK Migration Lawyers. From the first phone call, we were instantly at ease. We were driving to some very aggressive time lines, and the expertise of and access to the professional staff was excellent. Direction was provided on all aspects of the application, and all questions were responded to quickly and accurately. It took ~5 months from the time we lodged the application to the time the resident card arrived; this exceeded our expectations. We recommend that you use UK Migration Lawyers for residence card applications. They helped us to get a timely and positive outcome; thanks to the team. November 2015 (link)

Qualifications and Education
  • 2012Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, College of Law, Birmingham.
  • 2009Postgraduate Diploman in Legal Studies, University of Birmingham.
  • 2006BA Politics, University of Essex.
Specialisms and Expertise
  • Child Dependant and family applications and appeals.
  • Human rights applications and appeals.

Case Study 1

Eugene has successfully assisted two joint applicants in applying for entry clearance to the UK as visitors where they were respectively subject to ten year bans on re-entry for which six years remained unexpired. The applicants had previously attracted the respective bans as the entry clearance officer deciding their previous applications had not only not been satisfied as to their intentions as genuine visitors to the UK but also had been satisfied that they made false representations in support of their application. Eugene prepared a detailed fresh application explaining the refusal and why the applicants had not deliberately sought to decide which was accepted by the entry clearance officer granting their visas.

Case Study 2

Eugene has successfully assisted two joint applicants in applying for entry clearance to the UK from India as long-term family visits. The applicants respectively were previously refused entry clearance as visitors and Eugene prepared successful applications for them to both receive ten-year visit visas enabling them to spend up to half of each year in the UK with their British families for the foreseeable future. This outcome changed a lot of people’s lives as the applicants were retired grandparents of children living in the UK who would otherwise have found it difficult themselves travelling to India to see them there.

Case Study 3

Eugene has successfully represented a business owner in challenging a civil penalty in the sum of £20,000.00 for allegedly employing two members of staff without permission for them to work in the UK. The allegations against Eugene’s client were that he was paying two illegal migrants to work in his high-street textile shop and which was denied by the client. Although the case came down to the Home Office’s word against the client’s, Eugene was successful in getting the Home Office to cancel the fine in its entirety thereby saving the business owner thousands of pounds and potentially keeping him from ruin.

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